COVID-19 Updates

No one can claim the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us. After a few months of lockdown and quarantine, there are more data points from which people can draw conclusions about how to move forward. During these months, we have remained in touch with our clients, old and new.

We honed our skills for getting work out from home, conducting meetings, mediations, depositions, and even court appearances via Zoom and other platforms. Courts are slowly beginning to ramp up. We have even been to nursing homes.

Although, our front door is still locked. With a new doorbell installed, we are seeing clients in the office when indicated by appointment. Masks and social distancing are observed. Hand sanitizer is close by.

Our prime concern is still the health and safety of clients, staff, and others with whom we deal. Yet legal problems are important and need to be addressed. We want to continue to help our clients deal with those problems.

There are fewer face-to-face meetings than there were before the pandemic. Still, we have filled the gap with old and new technologies, supported by our dedicated, hardworking staff. Although we have occasionally had to turn on the answering machine, our goal is to have a live person answer your call, ready to listen to what you need.

On the medical side there have been alarming reports that, because of COVID-19, people have neglected to deal with other emergent health issues, sometimes with bad consequences. Failing to timely deal with legal issues can also result in bad consequences. If you have a legal problem which you think is important, please don’t wait.

Pandemic or not, we are here!

While we continue to observe the precautions to protect the safety of all, we stand ready to help. Please contact us if you need assistance.