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COVID-19 Updates

No one can claim the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us. After a few months of lockdown and quarantine, there are more data points from which people can draw conclusions about how to move forward. During these months, we have remained in touch with our clients, old and new. We honed our skills for getting work … Read More

Planning for the Future – Part 2

Beyond Wills Earlier, we covered wills as a necessary legal document for ensuring that your personal effects are distributed as you intend after you pass. Beyond wills, there are a few other important estate planning issues you should consider. Non- Probate Assets Non-probate assets include entities like IRAs and pension plans. These pass along to … Read More

Planning for the Future – Part 1

Do you have a will? You should. Many people find their own death to be a difficult topic even to comprehend, let alone to discuss with others. As a result, many procrastinate when making a will because it is perceived as an unpleasant process. In fact, a 2005 Gallup poll found that only 51% of … Read More

Personal Injury & The Road to Resolution

At Gilbert Law Offices, we try our best to produce excellent results promptly. However, as anyone involved in civil litigation can attest, more often than not, positive results take a lot of time. The process of getting to the trial itself can be long and arduous. Unfortunately, movies and television tend to skip all of … Read More

Whose Fault is it?

Occasionally, children do foolish things. In fact, probably everyone reading this blog post right now can think of at least one thing they did in their childhood that was foolish, reckless, dangerous, or all of the above. For many of us, breaking toys and getting occasional bumps and bruises were simply part of being a … Read More

Collateral Consequences

In criminal law, “collateral consequences” are consequences of a criminal conviction in addition to the actual sentence. It is widely known that being a convicted felon carries with it several “collateral consequences.” However, many are surprised to learn that a misdemeanor Domestic Violence Assault (“DV Assault”) conviction carries similar penalties and “collateral consequences.” Misdemeanor DV … Read More

One Bite of The Apple – Claim Preclusion & Issue Preclusion

In the American system, it is fairly easy to get in the courthouse door. Almost anyone willing to pay the filing fee, and many cannot do so, access to our civil judicial system. However, while the American system is relatively open to provide a litigant their “day in court,” the system developed a pretty strict … Read More

The Damage Dilemma

Over the years, we received numerous calls from potential clients upset over the property damage settlement offered by the insurance company totaling the caller’s vehicle. The typical lament goes something like this: My car ran perfectly, was reliable, and paid for. The repair estimate was $7,500, but the adjuster said the fair market value is … Read More

Spring is Annual Report Filing Season

Every year, at this time, we remind our many corporate clients that the June 1st filing deadline is fast approaching. Their Corporate Clerk, Charlie Gilbert, needs to know of any changes in the corporate structure over the past year before submitting the filing to the Secretary of State. If everything has been running smoothly with … Read More

June 23, 2017: 30th Anniversary of 1st Circuit Decision in U.S. v. Daniels

On June 23, 1987, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the First Circuit handed down a decision authored by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer in the United States v. Daniels. Charlie Gilbert represented Appellant Daniels. The appeals court held that the trial court had committed an error by refusing to allow the Appellant … Read More

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Providing individual attention & focused law services to clients throughout Maine.

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