Legal Issues in the Coronavirus Pandemic

First and foremost, we at Gilbert & Greif, P.A. want you to stay safe and healthy during these times. Federal, state and local authorities are issuing guidelines and bulletins daily, and there will be more to come. Business at every level is affected, and families and individuals face uncertainty regarding what lies ahead, both medically and financially.

Like everyone else, we have been impacted by these events, but the good news is that we are open and available to assist our clients with their legal questions and problems. Some may arise specifically out of the coronavirus situation, and others are part of everyday life, as unusual as things are at the moment. For the safety of all, we are restricting personal visits to the office, but we can still cover a lot of ground through phone, video and email. The law has faced previous pandemics so there is precedent to be drawn on. Although there has been some emergency legislation passed at both the federal and state levels, most of what we deal with and have dealt with for years remains in place. Because of court shutdowns, there will be delays in certain cases, but that is nothing new. We resolve to remain calm and carry on. If we can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Gilbert & Greif, P.A. has Recent Success in Appellate Cases


Both as part of our litigation practice, and as a stand alone service, the attorneys of Gilbert & Greif regularly handle appeals for clients. Since May, three of our cases have received favorable treatment from appeals

courts. In May, a divided panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit rendered a decision favorable to our client in Gove v. Career Systems Development Corporation. The court held that Ms. Gove was not required to arbitrate her claims of sex/pregnancy discrimination, but rather had the right to present her case to a jury.

In June and in August, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court sustained two appeals taken by Arthur Greif and Julie Farr from decisions in the Superior Court to grant summary judgment adverse to our clients. Daniels v. Narraguagus Bay Health Care Facility involved an employment discrimination claim, and Morgan v. Marquis involved a dog bite by a pit bull that caused permanent facial injury. In both cases, the Law Court held that the Superior Court justice had erred in rendering summary judgment in favor of the defendants, and sent the cases back to the trial court for further proceedings.

In September, Charlie Gilbert will present oral argument before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court on another case taken on appeal by Gilbert & Greif on behalf of a client.

For further information about these matters, or if you have an appeal matter you wish to discuss, please contact us.