Spring is Annual Report Filing season here at Gilbert & Greif!


Every year at this time we remind our many corporate clients that the June 1st filing deadline is fast approaching and their Corporate Clerk, Charlie Gilbert, needs to know of any changes in the corporate structure over the past year before submitting the filing to the Secretary of State. If everything has been running smoothly with a business, this may be our only contact since last year’s filing with a client. We welcome the opportunity to hear how things have been. Some years though, there are events that result in changes in shareholders, directors, or officers, or even in the corporate ground work itself, the Bylaws. This is the time when we touch base with all our corporate clients to address such changes and make sure that the proper filings are submitted in a timely manner.

The duties of a Corporate Clerk, or Certified Registered Agent, are defined by the Maine Business Corporation Act as ministerial only, to keep record at hand of the corporation’s actions, motions and amendments, and to receive and forward information regarding process, notice, or demand served on the agent of the corporation. Experience tells us that the phrase “ministerial only” belies the true value of having a good administrator. Charlie’s experience as a corporate clerk allows these business owners to focus their energies on growing their businesses and to feel confident that his expertise will keep them on course when it comes to the legalities of running a business in the State of Maine, and beyond.