The Damages Dilemma: Cost to Cure versus Market Value

Over the years, we have received numerous calls from potential clients upset over the property damage settlement offered by the insurance company totaling the caller's vehicle. The typical lament goes something like this:

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Your Law Partners are SuperLawyers!

The firm, Gilbert & Greif, P.A., is proud to announce that attorneys Charles E. Gilbert, III and Arthur J. Greif have been named New England SuperLawyerstm for 2013-2014. Charlie Gilbert was named for General Litigation and AJ Greif was named for Plaintiff's Employment Law.

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Planning for the Future - Part II

Beyond Wills

            Earlier we covered wills as a necessary legal document for ensuring that your personal effects are distributed as you intend after you pass. Beyond a will, there are a few other important estate planning issues you should consider.

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