Covid 19 Update at Gilbert Law Offices

No one can claim the Covid 19 pandemic is behind us but after a few months of lockdown and quarantine there are more data points from which people can draw conclusions about how to move forward. During these months we have remained in touch with our clients, old and new, and honed our skills for getting work out from home, conducting meetings, mediations, depositions and even court appearances via Zoom and other platforms. Courts are slowly beginning to ramp up. We have even been to nursing homes. Although our front door is still locked, with a new doorbell installed, we are seeing clients in the office when indicated and by appointment. Masks and social distancing are observed and hand sanitizer is close by.

Our prime concern is still the health and safety of clients, staff, and others with whom we deal. Yet legal problems are important and need to be addressed. We want to continue to help our clients deal with those problems. To be sure, there are fewer face-to-face meetings than there were before the pandemic but we have filled the gap with old and new technologies, supported by our dedicated and hardworking staff. Although we have occasionally had to turn on the answering machine our goal is to have a live person answer your call, ready to listen to what you need.

On the medical side there have been alarming reports that, because of Covid 19, people have neglected to deal with other emergent health issues, sometimes with very bad consequences. Failing to timely deal with legal issues can also result in bad consequences. If you have a legal problem which you think is important, please don’t wait. Pandemic or not, we are here and while we will continue to observe the precautions to protect the safety of all, we stand ready to help.

2019: 35 Years and “We’re still here."

When Peggy Gilbert started in private practice in 1984, she could hardly have imagined how her practice would grow and endure. Now, 35 years later, “We’re still here,” (to borrow a phrase from the 2019 Champion New England Patriots). Every day the lawyers at Gilbert

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Advocacy Beyond the Courtroom

A prominent Maine business publication recently released its annual “lists” issue. It gave lists of the largest employers, largest financial institutions, largest woman owned businesses, etc. It also listed the largest Maine law firms. Not surprisingly, we were not listed. One list did catch our attention. It listed the forty largest Small Business Administration (SBA) loans for the year. Of the forty largest loans, Gilbert Law Offices had been counsel to the borrower in two of those transactions. So, even though we are way too small to be on the “largest law firm” list, we represented 5% of the largest SBA borrowers in the state. Our practice encompasses many substantive areas of the law, but we are always happy and proud to work with small Maine businesses to assist them in acquiring the financial backing they need to sustain themselves and grow in our great state of Maine.

June 23, 2017: 30th anniversary of 1st Circuit decision in U.S. v. Daniels

On June 23, 1987, the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the First Circuit handed down a decision authored by now US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer in United States v. Daniels. Charlie Gilbert represented Appellant Daniels. The appeals court held that the trial court had committed error by refusing to allow the Appellant to withdraw his guilty plea because the full terms of the plea agreement had not been fully disclosed to the court, as required by Rule 11 of the Criminal Rules. The omitted disclosure was the government’s position that all of the defendants had to plead guilty or none could, thus setting the stage for the other defendants to pressure this defendant to plead guilty. Therefore, the guilty plea may not have been voluntary as required by Rule 11, and the defendant should have been allowed to withdraw it.

Super Lawyers™ for New England for 2014

Charles E. Gilbert III, Bangor, ME has been named Super Lawyers™ for New England for 2014. The designation is reserved for the top 5% of practicing lawyers in the region as determined through a selective peer-reviewed process. Gilbert’s recognition is in General Litigation. Based in Bangor, Gilbert Law Offices maintains a statewide trial and general practice. For further information, contact the firm at (207) 947-2223.

The Damages Dilemma: Cost to Cure versus Market Value

Over the years, we have received numerous calls from potential clients upset over the property damage settlement offered by the insurance company totaling the caller's vehicle. The typical lament goes something like this:

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2014 to mark Gilbert Law Offices' 30th anniversary

In 1984, Peggy Gilbert hung out her shingle, and commenced the private practice of law in a small office on Harlow Street in Bangor. While women were beginning to come to the bar in ever increasing numbers, not many undertook to start and run their own practice.

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One Bite of the Apple: Claim Preclusion & Issue Preclusion

In the American system, it is fairly easy to get in the courthouse door; almost anyone who is willing to pay the filing fee-and many who are unable to do so-are given access to our civil judicial system. While the American system is relatively open to provide a litigant his “day in court,” the system has developed a pretty strict set of rules that make sure that a party to a court case gets only one bite of the apple.

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Collateral Consequences

In criminal law, “collateral consequences” are consequences of a criminal conviction in addition to the actual sentence. It is widely known that being a convicted felon carries with it a number of “collateral consequences.” However, many are surprised to learn that a misdemeanor Domestic Violence Assault (“DV Assault”) conviction carries similar penalties and “collateral consequences.”

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Who's fault is it?

Occasionally, children do foolish things. In fact, probably everyone reading this blog post right now can think of at least one thing they have done in their childhood that was foolish, reckless, dangerous, or all of the above. And for many of us, breaking toys and getting occasional bumps and bruises were simply part of being a kid. The grown-up concept of "liability" never crosses the mind of a child.

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Personal Injury and the Road to Resolution

At Gilbert Law Offices, we try our best to produce excellent results in a timely manner. However, as anyone who has been involved in civil litigation can attest, more often than not, positive results take a lot of time.

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Planning for the Future - Part II

Beyond Wills

            Earlier we covered wills as a necessary legal document for ensuring that your personal effects are distributed as you intend after you pass. Beyond a will, there are a few other important estate planning issues you should consider.

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Planning for the Future - Part1

Do you have a will? You should.

Many people find their own death to be a difficult topic to even comprehend, let alone to discuss with others. As a result, many procrastinate when it comes to

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Erik M.P. Black has joined Gilbert Law Offices as an Associate!

Gilbert Law Offices announces with pleasure that

Erik M.P. Black

has joined the firm as an associate
in the general practice of law

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Spring is Annual Report Filing season here at Gilbert Law Offices!

Every year at this time we remind our many corporate clients that the June 1st filing deadline is fast approaching and their Corporate Clerk, Charlie Gilbert, needs to know of any changes in the corporate structure

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